Pond Liner 300 Micron 6m X 6m

  • Pond Liner 300 Micron 6m X 6m


Sorry, the Pond Liner 300 Micron 6m X 6m is not currently available.

High quality 300 micron black liner.For a square, slightly oval or round pool. Option 1. A simple pond - no ledges25cm tuck in, 400mm down, 4.7m across the base, 400mmm up the opposite side and a 25cm tuck in at the other side. Option 2. A pond with two shallow ledges25cm tuck in, 25cm down, 50cm across for a shallow ledge, 15cm down, 3.7m across the base, 15cm up, 50cm flat ledge, 25cm up and 25cm tuck in on opposite side. Option 3. A combo of the two with a shallow ledge at one end only. Check with your council before digging a hole as they have local bi-laws governing depths of pools.

Type Watergardening - Pond products

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