Watergardening - Pond products

Many of our water plants are evergreen and very useful in providing all year round interest and hiding places for fish. There are lots of tips for successfully planting a pond. The first rule is to measure your widths and depths and choose a suitable container for your pond. Too small a container is just not suitable. Hopefully, once you have measured your depth, you will choose the right product. If in doubt please email us with your details and we will give you the answer right away. It is no trouble for us to do so. New owners of Nikau Hill from 1st August 2013 are John and Cynthia Davey. Address Nikau Hill Nursery, 71 No 1 Line, POHANGINA. Mail address PO Box 5410 Palmerston North. Phone 06 3294088 email nikauhill@nikauhill.co.nz
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