Astilbes are summer flowering plants with fern-like foliage. From early to mid summer they send up fluffy spires of flowers in many shades of red, pink, purple and white. The red flowerers often have red toned foliage and the white have very green leaves. Although they are winter dormant they make a spectacular show when in full flower. Each mature plant will produce many flowering stems. I have found they do best in the North Island when grown in rich, moist soil in sun or very light semi shade. A side dressing of blood and bone in early spring is always beneficial. Some interesting facts are that there are different heights and flowering times for some varieties. eg. Broutcherlin is very tall and repeat flowers. Pumila is more dwarf and has amazing amounts of stems and foliage. Tarquettii is different to all the others. It has larger foliage and very large flowers from midsummer to autumn. This is the last to flower. Grades may vary as we split them from March until the end of May and new plants are available as they come ready. So if they are not ticked in the available box just send us a message and we will let you know when they will be on the list again. All will be ready by September at least.